What is the CEC?

The Community Education Council (CEC) is made up of nine volunteer parents from District 30 elected for two-year terms by the core PTA officers in each District 30 school and two CEC members appointed by the Borough President. One additional member is a non-voting High School senior. Elected parents must have a child in a District school (charter school parents are not eligible).

The CEC’s responsibilities are set by NY State Law, and include:

  • Approving changes to zoning lines
  • Reviewing the District’s education programs
  • Evaluating the District Superintendent
  • Assisting SLTs (Student Leadership Team)
  • Holding public forums
  • Hosting joint public hearings (with affected SLT’s) on any proposed significant changes in utilization (phase out, grade configuration, re-siting, co-location) of any public district school

At each monthly meeting there is a report from the Community District Superintendent and an opportunity for the public to voice their concerns.