Our Superintendent

Superintendents communicate New York City Department of Education policy to schools and the public. All superintendents perform duties for each school, including evaluating schools in their districts, appointing principals in district schools, acting as rating officer for principals in the district, approving principal and teacher tenure decisions, and approving school budgets.  They also support communities by supervising Family Leadership/Support Coordinators and communicating/collaborating with District Leadership Teams (DLTs), Presidents’ Councils and Parent Associations (PA/PTAs), Community Education Councils (CECs) and the Citywide Council of High Schools (CCHS).

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Contact info:

Dr. Philip A. Composto

District 30 Community Superintendent

28-11 Queens Plaza North

Long Island City, NY 11101

Office:  (718) 391-8323

Fax:  (718) 391-6147